Meet Luca, the Ancestor of All Living Things

By Nicholas Wade A surprisingly specific genetic portrait of the ancestor of all living things has been generated by scientists who say that the likeness sheds considerable light on[...]

Stem cell trial suggests damaged heart tissue could be regenerated

By Kate Lyons People suffering from heart disease have been offered hope by a new study that suggests damaged tissue could be regenerated through a stem cell treatment injected[...]

Some Microbes Have Been With Us Since Before We Existed

By Ed Yong Around 10 million years ago, a population of African apes diverged down two paths. One lineage gave rise to gorillas. The other eventually split again, producing[...]

Intelligence Squared- “Richard Dawkins: The Rational Revolutionary” [podcast]

In the 1960s and 70s, a revolution took place in the way we understand human nature. Out went Marx and Freud, and in came a rational, scientific approach[...]

Trump Didn’t Mention Climate Change in His RNC Speech

By Ben Adler Donald Trump’s big speech at the Republican convention on Thursday didn’t contain a single reference to the environment or climate change. It was vague on policy overall,[...]

Church & State

Religious Test?: Email Hack Reveals Democrats Discussed Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Religious Beliefs

Barry W. LynnWall of SeparationAs the Democratic National Convention gets underway this week in Phil[...]

White House Announces New Reports, Initiatives to Combat Religious Discrimination

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd Late last year, the Baptist Joint Committee and several other reli[...]

BJC Urges Nevada Supreme Court to Find School Voucher Program Violates State Law

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd The Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty filed a friend-o[...]

Bad Idea: Trump Repeats Call To Let Churches Endorse Candidates

Simon BrownWall of SeparationRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump reiterated his desire to c[...]

BJC: Nevada’s school voucher program compromises religious liberty

By Cherilyn Crowe Baptist Joint Committee joins brief opposing school vouchers in Duncan v. Nevada[...]

In Acceptance Speech, Donald Trump Calls for an End to Pulpit Endorsement Ban

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd In his acceptance speech at the GOP convention, presidential nomin[...]

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