Scientists pinpoint the exact age of the Moon — and it’s older than we thought

By Loren Grush Scientists say they have figured out the most precise age for the Moon than ever before, thanks to samples of lunar rocks gathered during NASA’s Apollo[...]

Elitist Atheist Warren A. Smith Makes A-List-Who’s Who in Hell

By Frank DiGiacomo Warren Allen Smith stood in his cramped Greenwich Village studio apartment and recalled the time he scared the heck out of Gore Vidal. It was 1995, Mr.[...]

I’m a slacker Muslim. But Donald Trump has us atheists nervous

By Sohaila Abdulali On a recent return to New York after a short trip to India, I waltzed through immigration with my nice blue US passport. It says “Abdulali”,[...]

How a Washington ‘war on science’ could imperil my career

By Sarah Whitlock PITTSBURGH – I meet science skeptics everywhere. Buses, planes, supermarkets — all are packed with people eager to share their doubts that GMOs are safe and that[...]

Richard Dawkins and the Need for a New Science Populism

With the publication of The God Delusion in 2006, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins thrust himself to the forefront of the modern atheist movement. That book has since sold[...]

Church & State

4 Things We Learned About Betsy DeVos At Her Confirmation Hearing

Maggie GarrettWall of SeparationLast night, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pen[...]

Highlights of Obama Administration’s Church-State Record

By Cherilyn Crowe Written by Don Byrd As President Barack Obama concludes his tenure in office, a [...]

The Price Is Wrong: HHS Secretary Nominee’s Views On Religious Freedom Are Dangerous

Dena SherWall of SeparationThe Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions wrapped up [...]

Minnesota town removes religious war memorial after FFRF protests

A Minnesota town has removed a religious veterans' war memorial after the Freedom From Religion Fo[...]

FFRF, parent sue to end 75 years of bible classes in Mercer County, W.Va.

This visual aid is used among more than 60 images to help teach elementary school students in Mercer[...]

Education Secretary Nominee DeVos Questioned About Vouchers, Faith-Based Partnerships, More

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd Much of the controversy surrounding Education Secretary nominee Be[...]

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