A Letter from Michael Shermer to KPFA

To: Quincy McCoy, KPFA General Manager, and Laura Prives, KPFA Program Director Dear Quincy and Laura, I am writing to protest the cancellation of the Richard Dawkins event. According to your notification statement “KPFA[...]

Final New Moon Sunday Starts the Countdown to the Great American Eclipse

By Joe Rao It seems that everyone is eagerly awaiting the shady drama that will be enacted in the skies over North America on Aug. 21. It is a[...]

Kentucky Officials Have Ended the $18 Million Tax Rebate Deal With Ark Encounter

By Hemant Mehta This is a big deal. And you can read more of the back story here. Quick summary: The Creationists behind Ark Encounter initially said they were building a for-profit attraction[...]

An Experiment in Zurich Brings Us Nearer to a Black Hole’s Mysteries

By Kenneth Chang The equations that describe the universe at the smallest and largest scales — how the tiniest elementary particles dance, how the space-time of the cosmos bends[...]

A Federal Appeals Court Just Shot Down Government Prayer on Steroids in North Carolina

By Heather L. Weaver In Rowan County, North Carolina, the county board of commissioners was intent on taking government prayer to a whole new level. Every board meeting opened[...]

Church & State

In Arizona, A U.S. Senate Candidate Is Getting Harassed For Her Faith

Rokia HassaneinWall of SeparationA Muslim candidate running for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona found [...]

For Now, Ken Ham’s ‘Ark Park’ Has Lost Its Taxpayer Subsidy

Rob BostonWall of SeparationKen Ham, the Australian creationist who decided to build a replica of No[...]

Know Your Neighbor Campaign: Share Your Story this Week

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd If you haven't already participated in the Know Your Neighbor cam[...]

AU Urges New Jersey Supreme Court To Prevent Morris County Tax Dollars From Funding Houses Of Worship

Liz HayesWall of SeparationAmericans United this week urged the New Jersey Supreme Court to stop Mor[...]

The Texas Legislature Is Meeting For A Special Session And Has A Second Chance To Pass Bad Legislation

Rokia HassaneinWall of SeparationThe Texas legislature’s regular session ended just weeks ago,[...]

House Narrowly Defeats Proposal Requiring Pentagon to Investigate Islam

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd Last week, the U.S. House debated and narrowly defeated a proposa[...]

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