Random Chance: A Primary Driver of Cancer Mutations?

By Carl Engelking Whether we like to or not, we’re all gamblers. Every waking moment, countless stem cells inside our bodies are dividing in order to replace worn out biological[...]

How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth

By Davide Castelvecchi Here’s how to catch a black hole. First, spend many years enlisting eight of the top radio observatories across four continents to join forces for an unprecedented[...]

Pakistani police prevent clerics’ rally against blasphemy

By KATHY GANNON, ASSOCIATED PRESS Pakistani police blocked a rally on Friday in Islamabad by clerics seeking to press their calls for the death of social media activists accused[...]

A New Origin Story for Dogs

By Ed Yong Tens of thousands of years ago, before the internet, before the Industrial Revolution, before literature and mathematics, bronze and iron, before the advent of agriculture, early[...]

Dinosaur crater’s clue to origin of life

By Paul Rincon The crater made by the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs is revealing clues to the origins of life on Earth. Scientists have drilled into the 200km-wide[...]

Church & State

Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings Don’t Allay AU’s Concerns

Rokia HassaneinWall of SeparationYesterday concluded the four-day Senate Judiciary Committee confirm[...]

Americans United And Its Allies File Lawsuit Challenging President Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0

Rokia HassaneinWall of SeparationToday, Americans United filed a lawsuit challenging President Donal[...]

FFRF raises alarm over Gideons’ access to Texas elementary school

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is alarmed at the illegal access that a Texas school district p[...]

5th Circuit Upholds Student-Led Prayer Opening School Board Meetings

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd It's one thing for a government meeting to open with a solemn and [...]

President Donald Trump And Jerry Falwell Jr. Are BFFs – And That Makes Sense

Rob BostonWall of SeparationI got a press release Wednesday from Liberty University, the fundamental[...]

FFRF wants religious flags removed from N.J. schools

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking for the removal of two religious flags from public sc[...]

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  • Fluoride, coffee and activist confusion
    I have been in Wellington for the Parliamentary select committee hearings on fluoridation. Well, that was the excuse – I was really there to catch up with my family (always a joy and am amazed at how tall my grandson … Continue reading →
  • Trump didn’t invent the problems – and his opponents didn’t invent protest
    At last, I find myself agreeing with something written by PZ Myers – well, sort of. I agree with the main message in his article about the current US political mess  – It is disturbing that the news is all Russia … Continue reading →