Free Speech and Islam — The Left Betrays the Most Vulnerable

written by Jeffrey Tayler   When surveying the ill-informed, shoddy work that at times passes as in-depth journalism regarding Islam these days, a rationalist may well be tempted to slip[...]

The Labeling Shortcut

By Margot Pollans The Federal Food and Drug Administration is currently accepting public comment on the question of whether it should define the word natural. It is asking the[...]

Did a Super-Mega-Ultra Neutrino Come from a Black Hole Gobbling Down Matter 10 Billion Light Years Away?

By Phil Plait [Why yes, I did have fun writing that title. Thank you for asking.] Astronomers may have solved a mystery that started a few years ago. Or 9.5[...]

How NASA’s Next Big Telescope Could Take Pictures of Another Earth

By Lee Billings Can NASA’s next big space telescope take a picture of an alien Earth-like planet orbiting another star? Astronomers have long dreamed of such pictures, which would[...]

In Bangladesh, Serial Killing in the Name of God

By Maajid Nawaz There really is no other way to put this. Free thinkers in Bangladesh are being serially hacked to death in their homes. An infamous hit list[...]

Church & State

Bullseye: The Religious Right Sets Its Sights On Protections For Transgender People

Sarah E. JonesWall of SeparationTarget has announced that transgender people are welcome to use the [...]

Pennsylvania Legislature Advances “In God We Trust” Bill

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd In Pennsylvania, the state House approved a measure on a 179-20 v[...]

National Day Of Hypocrisy?: Americans Don’t Need To Be Told Whether Or When To Pray

Simon BrownWall of SeparationYou may not realize it, but this is a significant day in the United Sta[...]

It’s the National Day of Prayer, but Religion Should Promote Itself

By Don Byrd As called upon by Congress, President Barack Obama has proclaimed today to be a Nation[...]

Exit Stage Right: Religious Right Favorite Cruz Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Sarah E. JonesWall of SeparationU.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has suspended his campaign for presiden[...]

What is Religious Liberty? The BJC Offers Some Timely Answers

By Don Byrd Written by Don Byrd The Baptist Joint Committee has issued an extremely helpful one-pa[...]

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