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Public humanist funeral for Rhodri Morgan at National Assembly for Wales

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Rhodri Morgan. Photo: National Assembly for Wales.

Today at 10.45, a humanist funeral for former First Minister of Wales and Humanists UK patron Rhodri Morgan will be streamed online through Senedd TV for the world to see.

The funeral will be led by Rhodri’s friend and former fellow Welsh Assembly Member Lorraine Barrett. Lorraine is also a Humanists UK patron who retired from politics to focus full-time on being a Humanists UK-accredited funeral and namings celebrant.

The funeral is the first of its kind in the UK: the first ever public funeral, akin to a state funeral, led by a humanist. Rhodri’s choice is a particularly fitting one for the Senedd’s first national funeral; YouGov polling published in December 2016 showed that 51% of Welsh people are non-religious and roughly 1 million people in Wales share Rhodri’s humanist views.

Like Rhodri, one in seven Britons say they would like a humanist funeral when they die.

Rhodri and his wife Julie Morgan, another patron of Humanists UK, recently supported the launch of Wales Humanists, a national voice for the non-religious in Wales which is part of Humanists UK. Julie spoke at the launch, which took place in the Senedd late last …read more

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‘The most fantastic association of men imaginable’

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What is activating and inflaming white supremacists right now? …read more

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Right Wing Round-Up – 5/30/17

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…read more

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/30/17

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    • Some useful self-help advice from Keith Ablow: “Trumping your life: How to be a better, stronger person by being more like the president.”
    • Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton says that there is “enough credible information out in the media … to suggest there was some hanky panky” behind the murder of Seth Rich.
    • Rachel Alexander insists that “The Left Likely Coordinating Attacks on Those Investigating the Seth Rich Murder.”
    • Dave Daubenmire says that we here at Right Wing Watch are the enemies of God and “skunks that squirt all over my Facebook page.”
    • Finally, Rick Joyner is just sayin’.

…read more

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Muslim cleric engulfed in Indonesian porn scandal

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Rizieq Shihab, the man who helped get Jakarta’s former governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama jailed for blasphemy, has been named by Indonesian police as as suspect in a pornography case.

According to the BBC, the hardline preacher, who heads the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) is currently in Saudi Arabia. He is alleged to habeexchanged graphic messages and nude pictures in text conversations with a woman.

Known for his fiery rhetoric, Rizieq has been jailed twice for violence and disrupting public order.

In this latest case, Mr Rizieq is accused of violating Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws by transmitting pornography to activist Firza Husein, who has also been named as a suspect.

Screenshots of what appeared to be text and picture messages between the two began circulating online earlier this year. Police have confirmed that the images contained in alleged WhatsApp chats between Shihab and Husein are authentic.

The BBC’s Ging Ginanjar says the case:

Is being by many as the height of hypocrisy. This is a man whose group’s core battleground has been against sexual promiscuity, prostitution and alcohol.

His group campaigned for the very laws that their leader is now being charged under, the controversial anti-pornography laws.

To his supporters, Rizieq Shihab is a hero …read more

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Jim Bakker: God Will Judge America If We ‘Destroy’ Trump

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Last week, televangelist Jim Bakker railed against growing calls to impeach and remove President Trump from office, warning that America will come under God’s judgment if efforts to “destroy” Trump are successful.

“It’s not fair,” he said. “This is hate. You talk about hate speech? The speech against the president of the United States is hate speech.”

Bakker, while warning about future terrorist attacks and natural disasters, said that God will respond to any move against the president: “I believe if we destroy our president, because God says, ‘I put up the leaders and I put down the leaders,’ I believe there’s judgment coming to America.”

…read more

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A New Scientific Society Brings Faith and Reason Together

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Photograph of the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

“Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” Those opening words of Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et ratio have come to encapsulate the Catholic teaching that one need not — indeed, cannot — choose between supernatural faith and natural reason. Far from being inimical to each other, the late pontiff argues, faith and reason are mutually reinforcing and complementary modes of grasping truth; they stand or fall together.

This view, which was given its most systematic articulation by Saint Thomas Aquinas in the thirteenth century, is not especially fashionable today. Many modern believers fear the encroachment of science — the paragon of natural reason — onto the territory of religion. And many modern secularists — including many scientists — take it as given that the advancement of science entails the retreat of religious belief. Implicit here is a triumphalist account of scientific reason as breaking with and superseding pre-scientific and irrational beliefs. If God exists at all, this story goes, it is within the ever-narrowing gaps between that which modern science has yet to explain. Those who reject modern science on the basis of religious belief merely …read more

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Jonathan Cahn: Trump’s Election Was God’s Retribution For Obama Violating ‘The Abrahamic Covenant’ With Israel

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Speaking alongside several members of Congress at the Family Research Council’s annual “Watchmen on the Wall” conference last week, End Times messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn declared that President Trump’s victory in the presidential election was due to an “intervention” from God in retribution for President Obama’s supposed efforts to interfere in Israel’s election.

Citing the false right-wing story that Obama secretly tried to influence Israel’s 2015 election, Cahn said that Trump’s victory was a result of Obama having broken the “Abrahamic covenant.”

“When things go so against the odds, it is often a sign of God’s hand,” Cahn said of Trump’s victory. “The Abrahamic covenant says whatever you do to Israel shall be done to you. Reciprocity, whatever you do. A little over a year before the American election, there was an election, if you remember, in Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu was running for reelection. Article after article came out that America, that Obama, was supporting a group that was dedicated to defeating Netanyahu. He was actually intervening in the election of a sovereign nation.”

“The Abrahamic covenant says whatever you do to Israel will be done to you,” Cahn continued, “so if you intervene in the election of Israel, well, …read more

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Portland GOP Chair Wants To Hire Anti-Government Militias For Security

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The Guardian reported on Monday that James Buchal, the top GOP official in Portland, Oregon, said that local Republicans are considering hiring anti-government groups like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters to provide them with security. His comments came as attention was focused on the city after three men were stabbed, two fatally, when they stepped in to protect two women on a commuter train from harassment by a white nationalist. Buchal said such a move was necessary because “there are now belligerent, unstable people who are convinced that Republicans are like Nazis.”

Officially, the Oath Keepers are a network of military and law enforcement officials and veterans who have pledged to protect Americans by upholding the Constitution. But in reality, the Oath Keepers and founder Stewart Rhodes spent the Obama years promoting inflammatory anti-government conspiracy theories, including the idea that Obama wanted to unleash a “race war” and would try to stay in office by invoking “emergency powers,” and warning of civil war against a tyrannical government. In 2015 Rhodes told a gathering of conservative activists in Arizona that Sen. John McCain should be tried for treason and “hung …read more

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Pat Robertson: God Put Donald Trump In The White House

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Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson urged viewers to pray for Donald Trump because “there is a spiritual battle against our president.”

“He’s God’s man for this job,” Robertson said, thanking the president for taking “steps that please most evangelicals.”

God, he continued, put Trump “in this office.”

The televangelist made the remarks while discussing a recent event at the Trump International Hotel, where people gathered to pray for the president, including one person who claimed to have had a prophetic dream about Trump’s hair.

…read more

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