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Jerome Corsi: From Trump Conspiracy Theorist to Trump’s Conspiracy Theorist

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Now that a professed fan of InfoWars has become president, it is only fitting that the conspiracy theory network might find a spot in the White House press room. This week, arch-conspiracy theorist Alex Jones announced that WorldNetDaily reporter Jerome Corsi will become InfoWars’ Washington, D.C., bureau chief and that he plans to cover White House press briefings.

Corsi, a longtime conspiracy theorist and regular guest on Jones’ program, worked with Trump to promote the discredited birther conspiracy theory about President Obama. At one point, Trump tweeted a link to an article in which Corsi falsely claimed that Obama wears an Islamic wedding ring.

While Corsi is now a dedicated Trump supporter, things weren’t always this way.

In fact, Corsi told Jones in 2011 that Trump was actually an Obama plant who had been sent to discredit the birther movement and could not be trusted:

Donald Trump I discount. I’m completely convinced at this point Donald Trump was subterfuge. He called me two or three times, got me to give him a copy of the book in advance. I’m convinced Donald Trump, through Mike Cohen, seems to be 50/50 working with Obama, he’s …read more

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Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to present Secularist of the Year awards

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The National Secular Society is pleased to announce that this year’s Secularist of the Year award will be presented by journalist and writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

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Rick Joyner: Opposition To President Trump Is Satanic

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Televangelist Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday in which he said that opposition to President Trump’s agenda and nominees is satanic.

“The behavior of the left after this election is mind-boggling,” he said. “It’s not only undemocratic, it’s unfair, it’s unjust, it’s unhinged, it’s undignified, it’s immature … This absolutely out-of-control rage that is coming on our country, I think it is Lucifer.”

“When Satan is cast out of heaven, he comes to the earth with great wrath,” Joyner added. “Whenever you see this great wrath, this great rage, it’s because we’re winning. He’s being displaced from his high places and so he’s coming with great rage, and all those that he can control are going to manifest his rage.”

But Christians should remain calm and confident, Joyner counseled, because the Bible says that Jesus and his followers will ultimately win this battle.

“Be happy, don’t worry,” he said. “The whole world, they’re going to think God’s people are retarded because we’re so happy when it looks like the world’s falling apart, we’ve got peace and joy. But guess what? We’re the ones who are the most sane.”

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Carl Gallups: Immigration Is God’s Punishment For Evolution In Schools, Gay Rights & Legal Abortion

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Carl Gallups, a pastor who campaigned for Donald Trump last year, joined Virginia talk radio host Rob Schilling on Monday to discuss the uproar over Trump’s executive order cutting off legal entry for refugees and citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, telling Schilling that while the media calls the result “chaos,” “the lawlessness of the last eight years and even before then, that was the chaos.”

Insisting that this is all part of “spiritual warfare,” Gallups said, “What’s happening now is a big, heavy dose, a seismic shift of common sense, rule of law and human decency is beginning to come back in vogue and the left and their counterpart in the demonic realm, they are screaming, ‘Oh, it’s utter chaos, it’s utter chaos.’”

He went on to explain that while “the world is so concerned about the flood of refugees and illegal immigrants that are violating our boundaries and borders,” it can all be traced back to God’s punishment on America for teaching evolution and allowing gay rights and legal abortion.

“Here’s what I have been saying for years before this date,” he said, “and that was: Look, we have violated the borders of our children’s minds, for 100 years …read more

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Humanists and religious adherents urged to look ‘beyond the divide’

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A book launch in central London tonight for Professor Richard Norman and Dr Anthony Carroll’s new book Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide will bring together an audience of humanists and religious adherents interested in promoting mutual tolerance and understanding.

The event, which has been organised by the British Humanist Association (BHA) as part of its dialogue work with religious communities, will explore how religious and non-religious people alike can move beyond argumentative ‘deadlock’ and towards a more productive conversation centred on moral values and maximising human potential. The talk will feature one of the book’s editors, humanist philosopher and BHA patron Richard Norman, as well as two of its speakers: Dr Lois Lee, principle investigator for UCL’s Scientific Study of Non-religious Belief project, and Andrew Copson, the BHA’s Chief Executive.

As well as discussing their own contributions, the speakers will touch on themes found throughout the collection of essays, including debates centred around political secularism, the philosophy of religion, and what it is to lead a good life.

BHA Director of Community Services Teddy Prout explained, ‘For some years now the BHA has engaged in productive dialogue with religious communities, helping to build bridges between the non-religious and faith …read more

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God spake unto Australia, saying ‘build me a giant cross’

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Acting on an order allegedly received from Him Upstairs, a dotty Christian outfit called the Walk-a-While Foundation has sought, and won permission to build a giant illuminated cross atop a hill in remote Central Australia.

Now it need faith-heads to dig deep into their pockets to raise additional money for the ridiculous project which will apparently end up costing more than $1-million (£600,000).

Its fundraising page, which has so far attracted $492, 498 (£26,000) of a goal of $92,000 (£56,000), has this to say:

God showed that he would face opposition to building the Cross. If this is as important as we believe it to be, and indeed part of the coming revival, then there will be spiritual warfare.

God said, ‘I don’t want just you and your indigenous friends to build the cross. I want the body of Christ to build it. This raising of the cross will unite the army of the Lord into action. You will need some strong centurion soldiers to walk with you.’

Well, among those who oppose the 22-metre high LED illuminated cross, due to be built near the Indigenous community of Haasts Bluff or Ikuntji, 230 kilometres west of Alice Springs, is Lutheran Pastor Paul …read more

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Non-religious parents will be disadvantaged by new faith school, NSS tells Council

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The National Secular Society has warned Powys Council that significant numbers of non-religious parents and young people will be disadvantaged under plans to replace existing schools with a faith school.

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Battles over non-medical exemptions to vaccination festering in state legislatures

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Bills to eliminate non-medical exemptions to school vaccination requirements are pending in state legislatures. Bills to add non-medical exemptions are pending as well. Some bills make harder to claim an exemption. Others discourage vaccination by requiring “misinformed consent.” Still others try to weaken the authority of public health officials to combat vaccine-preventable diseases. Today, we look at a number of bills currently before the state legislatures and how they might affect immunization of school children.

All states require students to have been vaccinated against certain diseases to attend school and all states allow medical exemptions to vaccination. Unfortunately, every state except three allows religious or personal belief exemptions, even though neither is constitutionally required. While West Virginia and Mississippi have allowed only medical exemptions for some time, California repealed its non-medical exemptions less than two years ago, over the strenuous objections of anti-vaccination groups.

Mississippi would have been eliminated from that list in 2017 had one of two bills passed. House Bill 1439 established a conscientious belief exemption to vaccination and House Bill 1457 recognized both religious and philosophical exemptions. Fortunately, both bills died in committee this week.

Senate Bill 52 and Assembly Bill 1810 would …read more

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/1/17

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  • Religious Right activists are really excited by President Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
  • Glenn Beck’s ideal government is one that has been “stripped of so much power that no one has any lever to pull” to benefit special interests.
  • Bill Yount rejoices that “the fear of God is beginning to fall on abortion clinics as ‘angelic midwives’ are being assigned to doctors and nurse practitioners.”
  • Donald Trump’s crusade against CNN continues.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer is upset with Trump: “As we feared, President Trump has chosen sides in the battle between homosexuality and religious liberty. And he has chosen poorly.”

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Right Wing Round-Up – 2/1/17

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