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North Carolina pastor arrested over nine armed robberies

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North Carolina pastor John Thomas Lindsey, above, was arrested yesterday in connection with a spate of armed robberies.

According to this report, Lindsey, a pastor at True Love Church of Refuge in Charlotte, was charged with nine counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, nine counts of conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Police say that Lindsey robbed the Family Dollar store in Northwest Charlotte and fired a shot while inside. He is also charged in connection with robberies from two 7- Eleven stores, two Sam’s Mart stores, and four Circle Ks.

The sorrowful church said on Facebook:

We, the leadership and membership of True Love Church of Refuge, are deeply saddened and disappointed that our leader and brother, John Thomas Lindsey, is facing charges associated with criminal activity.

Though we denounce any involvement he may have had, we love him and will continue to pray for him. The ministry will continue to stand strong despite the latest allegations and will continue to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Said one local:

It’s something you wouldn’t expect from somebody supposedly a religious person.

Court records reportedly show Lindsey had previously been convicted twice for …read more

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Chiropractic Internist: A “specialty” to avoid

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Real internists train in hospitals and clinics. "Chiropractic Internists" train at The Embassy Suites.

Real internists train in hospitals and clinics. “Chiropractic Internists” train at The Embassy Suites.

Chiropractors have created a “board certified” specialty called “chiropractic internist.” We’ve met the “chiropractic internist” before on SBM, as one iteration of the “DC as PCP,” an attempt by one faction within the chiropractic industry to refashion themselves as primary care physicians. For the sordid history of that effort, you can read the posts listed here, which covers the internecine battles between various groups of chiropractors over education, prescription privileges, scope of practice and various other public hangings-out of chiropractic’s huge pile of dirty laundry.

While the chiropractic internist is not new, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), chiropractic’s largest industry association, has created a shiny new website to promote it. This effort is bolstered by recent attempts to expand the chiropractic scope of practice beyond back cracking and the ACA’s ongoing attempt to get what is essentially the chiropractic practice of medicine covered by Medicare. So, today we take a closer look at “chiropractic internists” and their PR campaign to fool the public into thinking they are real internists who can effectively diagnose and treat real diseases.

The ACA’s new “chiropractic internist” website is …read more

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Right Wing Round-Up – 1/4/17

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…read more

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Muslim school in London spied on pupils in its toilets area

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Sexism, poor hygiene and, disturbingly, a CCTV camera in the toilet area at the independent Darul Hadis Latifiah school for boys in Bethnal Green has led to its downgrading by education watchdog Ofsted.

According to the BBC, Ofsted inspectors pupils were not being:

Prepared for life in modern Britain.

In addition to the camera, Inspectors found “grimy” facilities and “inappropriate” literature.

The school, for boys aged 11 to 20, said it was “preparing a formal complaint” in response to the inspection which it branded:

Excessively negative.

It also claimed said the camera only viewed the “washing area”.

But Ofsted reported the camera was found “in the communal area of the toilets” and displayed images in “plain view” of the reception area.

Changing rooms and showers were labelled “grimy and disgusting” after mouse droppings and sharp metal were found on the floor.

During a two-and-a-half day inspection in October a book was found in the school library that:

Promoted inappropriate views of how girls and women should behave.

School leaders said they were “unaware” of the book’s presence, but claimed the book referred to the belief women should “dress modestly”.

Ofsted concluded that “there are too few opportunities to learn about women in modern society” at the school.

Very few pupils …read more

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/4/17

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  • Eugene Delguadio declares that possible Supreme Court nominee William Pryor is “an Anti-God backstabber and gay special rights stooge.”
  • Alex McFarland says that we should all “praise God that the high priestess of abortion is not going to be our president.”
  • Scott Lively “cannot help seeing the parallel” between President Obama and Adolf Hitler.
  • Mark Biltz says that “it is clear to me that the Blood Moons of 2014-2015 were clear signs that we are in the prophetic times when Israel is becoming a cup of trembling to all nations. Joel 3:2 states that God will judge all nations who have come to part His land. The United Nations is the representation of all nations of the world who are coming to part the land of Israel. It is time for God to judge the United Nations, which supports a two-state solution. The Blood Moons were prophetic signs that this time has come. May the Temple be rebuilt and the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be exalted.”
  • Finally, James Robison has no doubt that Donald Trump is “being captured by the heart of our Father” because “Mr. Trump is receiving wisdom only God can provide.”

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FRC Praises Trump Team’s State Department ‘Gender Equality’ Hunt

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Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who wrote last month that he hoped “activists” in favor of reproductive rights and LGBT equality would be “ferreted out” of the State Department under the Trump administration, is praising the Trump transition team’s recent demand for information on State programs and positions involved in promoting “gender equality,” widely seen as a sign that those programs could be threatened in the new administration.

In his daily “Washington Update” email yesterday, Perkins griped that under President Obama, the State Department has operated “as a global base for abortion and sexual activism,” claiming that the department’s rights efforts have merely focused on “the elevation of people around the world based on sexual behavior.”

Perkins praised the Trump team’s memo as a way to combat this “culture of extremism” at State:

Lately, there have been some who have suggested that (after almost a decade of proving otherwise) the State Department has nothing to do with abortion and sexual politics. Tell that to our friends around the globe, who’ve spent the last eight years trying to dodge this administration’s biggest export: rainbow flags and abortion dollars. Under President Obama, this radical agenda has completely infiltrated the State Department …read more

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Jeff Sessions And The Extreme Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Lobby

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Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions will soon face Senate confirmation hearings for his nomination to be attorney general. Thirty years after he was rejected for a federal judgeship because of a history of alleged racist statements and hostility to civil rights groups, the Senate will again have a chance to review Sessions’ record. That review should include Sessions’ close associations with advocacy groups that are hostile to civil rights and that promote anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment.

These include:

David Horowitz Freedom Center

In 2014, Sessions received the “Annie Taylor Award” from the David Horowitz Freedom Center at the Center’s annual “Restoration Weekend” retreat in Florida. He was presented with the award by his then-aide Stephen Miller, who later left to work on the Trump campaign and is now set to serve as a senior White House aide in the new administration.

Previous recipients of the award, which is named after a schoolteacher who survived a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel, included anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller and the late anti-feminist firebrand Phyllis Schlafly. Subsequent recipients have included extremist sheriff David Clarke and, last year, Milo Yiannopoulos, the conservative provocateur who through his job at Breitbart …read more

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Are Innovation and Tradition Incompatible?

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innovation cropped

Ours is an age of innovation. The worlds of business, education, medicine, and politics are all driven by the search for new ideas, products, technologies, and approaches. Our economic growth, educational success, health and well-being, and political future hinge on the progress that only innovation can generate and sustain. We are constantly being told that we must think outside the box in a never-ending quest for novelty and creativity. One need only think of the dramatic changes in social media over the past decade or so — with such enormous implications for how we communicate, purchase things, relate to others, vote, and view ourselves and the world we inhabit — to appreciate the power of innovation to shape our lives. Innovation is the key to human progress, while failure to innovate, it seems, leads to stagnation, decline, and, eventually, death.

As powerful as innovation is, it must contend with another strong force, that of tradition. The latter manifests itself in any number of social institutions, habits, practices, and intuitions that preserve the continuities, regularities, orthodoxies, and “permanent things” of human existence. Tradition speaks to those impulses that resist rapid change and innovation for innovation’s sake and that cherish nourishing connections with …read more

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Kamal Saleem: ’45 Percent Of Common Core Is Islamic Indoctrination’

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Phony ex-Muslim terrorist Kamal Saleem was the guest again today on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” radio program, where he made the patently bogus claim that the Common Core educational standards are part of a nefarious plot to convert American schoolchildren to Islam.

Saleem said that radical Islamic groups realized that they could never force Islam upon America from the outside and therefore set about trying to take control of the “seven mountains” that influence culture, especially academia, in order to indoctrinate children to embrace Islam and “turn against their own country to destroy this nation.”

“Forty-five percent of Common Core is Islamic indoctrination,” Saleem said, asserting that Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Bush family and Bill Gates have spent “hundreds of billions of dollars” to “establish Islamic teachings right there in our schools through history, geography and religious replacement by introducing Allah as the God of heaven and earth and the only God of truth.”

Saleem warned that Common Core is a plot to “etch [Islam] on the tablets of their heart,” so that “our kids will rise up someday to say ‘we are Muslims, we are not Christians.’”

…read more

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Majority support for end to compulsory religious observance in Scottish schools

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Calls for an end to compulsory religious observance in schools are growing in Scotland, and around the UK

A majority of people in Scotland believe that children should not be forced to worship in school if they do not want to, a new poll has revealed.

The survey, carried out by YouGov for the Times newspaper, found that 55% of Scots either did not think that any religious observance at all should take place in Scottish schools (38%), or supported the right of children to opt themselves out of religious observance in schools, even without parental consent (17%). Only 35% of respondents to the survey thought that religious observance should be compulsory in all schools with no right of withdrawal for young people.

The British Humanist Association (BHA) has long campaigned on removing the requirement for collective worship in schools throughout the UK and says that this poll is the latest indication of the urgent need for reform.

Currently, religious observance is required in all state schools in Scotland, ‘at least six times in a school year’. In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, where religious observance is known as collective worship, the requirement is for a daily act of worship, …read more

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