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Humanists UK sets out its priorities for the 2017 general election

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Take action! Send an email asking your parliamentary candidate where they stand on our seven election priorities:

Humanists UK has published a list of humanist priorities for the upcoming general election on Thursday 8 June. The list sets out seven key issues for a fairer secular state with equal treatment in law for all citizens, regardless of religion or belief. Humanists UK is encouraging its members and supporters to hold their candidates to account in the general election, and find out what their views are on issues affecting the non-religious.

Humanists UK are calling upon people to ask their parliamentary candidates:

  1. Will you support fully inclusive admissions in English schools, free from discrimination on the basis of religion?
  2. Will you support ending compulsory daily worship in English schools?
  3. Will you support legal recognition of humanist marriages in England and Wales, as is the case in Scotland?
  4. Will support keeping the Human Rights Act and remaining part of the European Convention on Human Rights?
  5. Will you support the right to die for people who are terminally ill or incurably suffering?
  6. Will you support the decriminalisation of abortion throughout the UK?
  7. Will you support ending reserved seats for Church of England bishops in the House of Lords?

Humanists UK …read more

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Larry Klayman Is Outraged By Michelle Obama’s Shoulders

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Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman posted a video yesterday in which he said that Barack Obama is trying to “undermine the Trump presidency” by vacationing in Italy while President Trump is making his first trip abroad.

Klayman said that Obama is “running an evil [shadow] government” and “trying to upstage” Trump and fumed that Michelle Obama wore a shoulder-bearing top while touring the region.

“The thing that is really troubling about this,” Klayman said, “[is that] he and Michelle went into a church in Siena, Italy, and she basically had an open shoulder … showing a lack of respect to the Catholic Church and Christianity. Of course, that’s not surprising because her husband is, in fact, a closet Muslim, someone who worships the Quran over the Bible, who has fooled the American people all these years into thinking he’s a Christian … who wears a ring that says, ‘My only God is Allah.’”

“This is an absolute disgrace,” he continued. “He has blood on his hands and he will stop at nothing to destroy the Trump presidency, even in a petty way to go to Italy during the week that the president’s on a foreign trip. It shows you who he is, …read more

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US bigot Brian Camenker vows to fight gay marriage in Taiwan

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Yesterday Taiwan’s highest court ‘imposed homosexuality-based marriage’ on the island nation, much to the annoyance of Brian Camenker, a right wing loon who believes that gays want to throw Christians like him into concentration camps.

Camenker heads MassResistance, a “pro-family” outfit intent on spreading homophobia across the globe. In 2015 he told the World Congress of Families that the LGBT movement was a “house of cards” that is:

Held together by force, intimidation, and propaganda.

However, it can be destroyed by standing up to it, the way communism was.

We are in a war. They [gay activists] would send us to concentration camps if they could.

According to a LifeSiteNews report (link in intro) Camenker suggested “corruption” was the reason that court had instructed the Taiwan parliament that it has two years to pass a law allowing same-sex “marriages” or they will automatically become legal.

The Justices of the [Taiwanese] Supreme court have a term limit of eight years. But they are allowed to hold concurrent government posts by the President’s direct assignment. This directly affects their careers and especially their income.

The Taiwan court called the current inability of homosexuals to get married:

Obviously a gross legislative flaw.

MassResistance reacted by saying:

We’ve …read more

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Does Science Have a “Cargo Cult” Crisis?

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Ceremonial cross of John Frum cargo cult, Tanna island, New Hebrides (now Vanuatu), 1967.

Responding to some of the more ridiculous paeans to science expressed at the recent “Science March,” Jeremy Samuel Faust compares the attitudes of these science marchers to what physicist Richard Feynman labeled “cargo cult science.” The “cargo cult” metaphor has long been used to criticize the kind of pseudoscientific and even cult-like reverence for scientific authority that we often see in modern society, as well as to emphasize the need for more skepticism of scientists in the spirit of the true scientific method. But a closer look at the context of Feynman’s remarks suggests a different interpretation of what cargo cults might show us about the scientific enterprise.

For present purposes we can ignore the nuances of the actual beliefs and practices of the Melanesian people to which Feynman refers in his famous 1974 Caltech address, and just focus on his (likely caricatured) description:

In the South Seas there is a cargo cult of people. During the war they saw airplanes land with lots of good materials, and they want the same thing to happen now. So they’ve arranged to make things like runways, to put fires along the sides of the runways, to make a wooden hut for a …read more

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Healthcare reform should ditch mandated coverage of CAM providers

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Forced insurance coverage of chiropractic, naturopathic and acupuncture services is not consistent with the goals of either the ACA or the AHCA. Whatever happens to Obamacare in the U.S. Senate, Section 2706 of the ACA should be repealed. …read more

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Right WIng Round-Up – 5/24/17

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/24/17

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  • ALIPAC is calling on President Trump “to appoint legendary Sheriff Joe Arpaio to aid in securing the southern border areas since Arpaio has been left out in the cold after wounding his own campaign by endorsing Trump early in the GOP primary.”
  • A word of warning from Steve Hotze: “In the Name of Jesus, I prophesy and declare: May all the individuals serving in the [Texas] state legislature, and their staff, who support, promote and practice sodomy and other perverted, sexually deviant lifestyles … receive just retribution from God for their evil actions.”
  • Michael Bresciani says that removing Confederate monuments only reminds people of “the great scourge of slavery” and the South’s “dark and deplorable past. But it is past. Bringing it to the front again is re-creating the pain and loss.”
  • It looks like Mike Huckabee will be hosting a television show on TBN starting this fall.
  • Finally, CBN’s David Brody declares that “clearly God is up to something” with President Trump’s overseas trip.

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Josh Bernstein: Muslims ‘Need To Be Eradicated … Pretty Much From Everywhere’

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Right-wing radio host, commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein posted a video today in which he called for the eradication of all Muslims in response to the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in England earlier this week.

“These people cannot live amongst us, they cannot assimilate with us,” he said. “These people come in, they have more children than the native people in their countries and they literally take over these countries.”

“These people need to be eradicated from Western Europe, they need to be eradicated from the United States, they need to be eradicated, I would say, pretty much from everywhere,” Bernstein declared, “because they have shown time and time again—whether you’re a peaceful Muslim, whether you’re a radical Muslim—you’ve shown time and time again that you just cannot deal and cope with being in a civilized society. So we’ve got to do something about it.”

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Dave Daubenmire: Jews Are ‘Putting Us Into Financial Bondage’

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Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire continued his recent string of anti-Semitic rants on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning when he declared that Jews are keeping the world in “financial bondage.”

Daubenmire was set off by a column written by Steve Strange in Charisma Magazine claiming that “Trump’s historic visit to Israel will bless America.”

“We’re killing freaking babies,” Daubenmire said. “We got men having rear-end sex with each other over here. Hey dude, we’re having teachers in our schools teach our children that there is no difference between a man and a woman. Hey dude, we’re teaching that you can be a man or you can be a woman, you can be whatever you want to be. Hey dude, we’re doing all of that stuff. Hey dude, we’ve got a government that is out of control, lying, stealing, corruption; we’re out of control here. How the hell is [God going to bless that?]”

Daubenmire blasted Strang and other Christians as “idolaters of Israel” who worship “the gospel of Israel” instead of true Christianity.

When a participant on the webcast declared that Jews “own all the banks,” Daubenmire agreed, saying that “all they do is they …read more

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Hopes that New Zealand would bin its blasphemy laws dashed

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Last week we reported that New Zealand was on the brink of scrapping its blasphemy laws, but today, to the anger of many, politicians voted to keep them. At least for a while longer.

According to this report, parliament had the opportunity to remove decades-old anti-blasphemy laws but bailed out yesterday, leaving blasphemy an offence punishable by up to 12 months’ jail.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins, above, introduced an amendment to remove the legislation but both the National Party and the Maori Party voted against removing it from of the Crimes Act.

Prime Minister Bill English said his preference was to:

Go through the proper process rather than just spontaneous amendments on the floor of the House.

But he said once a bill to scrap the law does go to Parliament he expects it would be repealed.

Hipkins said it was:

A sad day for freedom of speech, tolerance and leadership. What moral authority does New Zealand have condemning other countries for draconian blasphemy laws when we have one of our own that we refuse to repeal?

The law – which appears not to have been used since 1922 – came under scrutiny after reports that British entertainer Stephen Fry had faced a police investigation in …read more

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