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Dave Daubenmire Warns About ‘Chemtrails’ And ‘Weather Manipulation’

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Earlier this week, Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire declared on his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast that the recent heavy rains in California were the result of “weather manipulation.”

After suffering several years of drought, parts of California have experienced flooding in recent weeks due to a series of heavy rain storms, which Daubenmire claimed were being caused by unnamed forces manipulating the weather patterns.

Daubenmire likened it to using a vacuum to “create a river of water in the atmosphere that is now coming in storm after storm after storm over California,” saying that it never made any sense how a state like California could experience a drought when it is located right on the ocean.

“The tinfoil hat tells me something is going on,” he said.

Daubenmire returned to the idea of weather manipulation on his webcast today, which he streamed from a McDonald’s where he reported that the sky outside was covered in a web of “chemtrails.”

The chemtrails could not simply be condensation from airplanes, he argued, because when it is cold enough outside that you can see your breath, the vapor clouds dissipate quickly, whereas chemtrails remain in the sky for …read more

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Trump: Journalists Should Not Be Allowed To Use Anonymous Sources

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Donald Trump, aka “John Barron,” “John Baron” and “John Miller,” kicked off his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference today by deriding the “fake news media” as “the enemy of the people” and declaring that journalists should not be allowed to use anonymous sources.

Trump claimed that the “fake news,” which he believes includes The New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC, “have no sources and just make them up,” suggesting that a recent Washington Post story on former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s relationship with the Russian government was completely fabricated.

“They make up sources,” he said. “They’re very dishonest people.”

After laughably insisting that he doesn’t “mind bad stories,” Trump said that journalists “shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name.” This comment came just hours after White House aides held a press briefing where, according to the Associated Press, they “refused to allow their names to be used.”

On Twitter, Trump has cited his own anonymous sources to push conspiracy theories about President Obama.

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Pupils’ access to local schools blighted by religious selection, Mayor of London’s annual education report reveals

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has launched his Annual London Education Report 2017

The proportion of London pupils who do not get a place at any school of their preference is significantly higher in areas containing a large number of religiously selective schools, analysis of the Mayor of London’s Annual London Education Report 2017 has found.

Launched today at a special education conference in City Hall, the report assesses how well London’s education system is meeting the Mayor’s aim of ensuring that ‘every young Londoner, regardless of background, [has] the chance to fulfil their potential’. It finds that the two worst performing boroughs in terms of pupils’ access to their preferred schools are Kensington and Chelsea (K&C) and Hammersmith and Fulham (H&F), both of which are also home to the highest proportion of school places that are subject to religious selection criteria of all London boroughs.

The report states that ‘The areas in which the lowest proportion of pupils secured their first choice primary schools were Kensington and Chelsea (68.3 per cent) and Hammersmith and Fulham (71.9 per cent)’. However, it notes that ‘a more pressing issue than securing a top preference is when pupils do not get a …read more

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Christians say no to a condom factory on ‘holy’ ground

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At the end of last year, 120 Orthodox Christians in the village of Bogolyubovo (a name which means “lovers of God”) gathered to protest against a plan to turn an abandoned brick factory into a condom manufacturing plant.

According to this report, demonstrators prayed, holding icons, a large cross, and signs that said, “No condom manufacturing on a holy site!” and “Mother of God, save us from desecration!”

Protesters were especially offended at the location of the factory near a monastery and a school.

But supportive local officials insisted that the factory would create 200 jobs and would replace imported goods with a domestic product, and Pavel Spichakov, of Bergus, the company that owns the proposed factory, said:

I thought they would support the creation of jobs and tax revenue for the village.

Bergus agreed to meet with concerned citizens but was told at the meeting:

Purity is the instrument against ugly diseases. From Bogolyubovo, we should spread purity and holiness!

Opposition increased, and it been reported now that Spichakov has backed away from condoms.

Protesters confront Pavel Spichakov, right, at a town hall meeting.

At the meeting with locals the businessman was accused of being the destroyer of human life – because condoms are male “abortions”.

“It’s …read more

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Washington Supreme Court: Religious beliefs no excuse for a business to discriminate

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The Supreme Court of the state of Washington has unanimously ruled that a florist cannot discriminate against same-sex couples, in a ruling welcomed by American secularists.

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What’s in that tube?

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Does Intellectual Humility Matter for Democracy?

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Elections force a kind of tunnel vision upon us. We focus on the horse race and the polls, the daily news from the campaign trail, and the conflicts between opposing viewpoints. But after an election, things usually change, at least in healthy democracies. Sure, fights continue and people disagree, but so does the business of governing, and new administrations typically experience a grace period during which they try to bridge the divisions that widened during the election season.

But if conflicts don’t abate and sharp divisions continue to characterize how we think about democratic life, it is often for reasons that go beyond politics. It may stem from a larger cultural issue — from the fact that large numbers of people, of all stripes, increasingly venerate a kind of arrogance that is inconsistent with the fundamental demands of democracy. This peculiar kind of arrogance is about our own worldviews — an intellectual arrogance that reassures us with certainty about our beliefs, makes us resistant to information that would challenge them, and encourages the feeling that we know everything. This sort of arrogance can be appealing partly because it is sometimes mistaken for confidence and strength. But really, the arrogant culture, like …read more

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Right Wing Round-Up – 2/23/17

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/23/17

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  • Scott Lively says that “in the unfolding spectacle of the Milo Yiannopoulos pederasty scandal, America is being introduced to a far more potent and common form of this phenomenon: Sodom Syndrome.”
  • Cliff Kincaid complains that “virtually all mainstream media organizations, including Fox News, are in bed with the homosexual movement.”
  • Dave Daubenmire is not a fan of the idea that Jesus loves everyone: “This one always makes me want to gag … Jesus loves HIS CHILDREN…not the Devil’s children.”
  • Rick Joyner can’t stop sharing fake news.
  • Finally, Brian Fisher of Human Coalition explains why those who want to support refugees should oppose abortion: “They are seeking asylum; they are seeking safety. And so, I would think a preborn child is very akin to a refugee. They are simply trying to escape the persecution of an abortion-driven culture.”

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Elections matter. So does resistance.

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Resisting the tragic consequences of this election with the Matthew 25 Pledge. …read more

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