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Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/28/17

  • Mat Staver insists that there is “no proof” that he or anyone at Liberty Counsel had knowledge of the whereabouts of Lisa Miller.
  • David and Jason Benham declare that “when God is rejected, truth collapses in its wake. And truth is the bedrock upon which civil society rests. So when God goes, truth goes, then society goes.This is the inevitable reality of the post-modern, anti-God, secularist movement in America. And the collapse of truth has consequences, especially for convictional Christians who hold to biblical truth claims about human sexuality.”
  • Peter LaBarbera is alarmed about the “enormous ‘gay’ insider influence” at Disney.
  • David Lane warns that the GOP establishment is doing all it can to undermine President Trump and then “will blame evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians for staying home on November 6, 2018.”
  • Finally, Carl Gallups says that “it’s obvious that the demonic realm is stirred by” President Trump: “It’s also obvious that the antichrist agenda of the globalist community is going berserk over a Trump presidency. These are simply signs to those of us who know God’s word that President Trump is being used by the Lord in these prophetic times.”

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  • Jacob Gardenswartz @ Vox: Bill O’Reilly ridiculed a black congresswoman over her “James Brown wig”.
  • Josh Israel @ Think Progress: Congressman who railed against leakers now says it doesn’t matter where info comes from.
  • Media Matters: Roger Stone Says He Has “Heard From The President Recently” But Won’t Characterize Their “Communications”.
  • Gabe Ortiz @ Daily Kos: Trump appoints anti-LGBT activist to head HHS civil rights office.
  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Did the White House try to block the former A.G. from testifying?
  • Sophia Tesfaye @ Salon: Michele Bachmann’s missing million: Federal elections officials want to know where $1 million from her campaign committee went.

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Last week, we posted a clip of right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau recounting an incident he had recently heard about in which a gay bar owner was supposedly delivered from his homosexuality after eating an “anointed cake” that had been prayed over by Christians.

That video received a bit of coverage in the media and Wallnau is not happy about it, as he posted a video on his Facebook page last week accusing outlets like The Huffington Post of spreading fake news about him.

In attempting to defend himself, Wallnau read from the book “Transformation: Change The Marketplace and You Change the World” by Ed Silvoso, which was the source of the story that Wallnau told last week. But in reading the section, Wallnau discovered that he had gotten the details of the story wrong.

The book claims that it was a gay bar manager who was freed from the “demonic forces” that were holding him after he was baptized by a Christian patron and that this manager then baked a cake for the bar owner, who then transformed the bar into a church after he was converted as a result of eating the anointed cake.

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Washington Times staff writer Cheryl Chumley published an opinion piece on Monday denouncing progressive religious leaders who have been mobilizing in opposition to Donald Trump.

Religious Right activists are quick to portray criticism of their conservative politics as an attack on their faith, and on Christianity itself, and to denounce liberals as intolerant of people of faith. But as Chumley makes clear, religious conservatives are often brutally intolerant of people of faith who don’t share their right-wing politics.

In deriding “progressivism disguised as religion,” Chumley casts a wide net that includes Pope Francis and Church World Service. In response to the progressive group Faith in Public Life organizing against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, she writes, “Insert gagging noise here.”

She mocks the “leftist view of God” as a deity who “apparently wants open borders, gun-free societies, tax-paid giveaways to the poor and climate change laws that reel back society to near car-less-ness — or at least, to a time when only the most powerful, most elite and wealthiest could afford to drive.”

Here’s how she concludes her diatribe:

What a gold nugget for progressives — thing [sic] whole religious thing. Could prove a real profitable relationship — …read more

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Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner continues to serve as an apologist for Russian president Vladimir Putin’s government, declaring in a video he posted on Facebook on Friday that the U.S. and Russia would be close allies if it weren’t for George Soros and LGBTQ activists.

“The real key ire that [Vladimir] Putin has raised by liberals, by the left, is because [of] his absolute determination not to let the LGBT community influence Russia,” he said. “He does not want that thing in there [or] the perversion that it brings with it.”

Joyner praised Putin, saying that when the Russian president saw the “perversion” that was “encroaching on the Ukraine and other places, from the E.U., from America, he resolved, no, he’s not going to let that happen to Mother Russia.”

Joyner asserted that Putin also “kicked George Soros out of Russia and said, ‘You don’t come back here, you don’t bring your businesses here,’” and then falsely claimed that Soros responded by funneling money to Republican lawmakers John McCain and Lindsey Graham as part of a supposed deal to get them to attack President Trump for his alleged ties to Russia.

“We need to get to the root …read more

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Sadiq Khan has hit out at the Government’s plans to allow total religiously-selective admissions in new free schools with a faith ethos.

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Many Pakistanis and other Muslims from around the world called for the execution of a secular writer for blasphemy over the weekend, causing #HangAyazNizami to trend on Twitter.

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A few weeks ago, the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List released a TV ad attacking Planned Parenthood, apparently to provide justification for anti-abortion members of Congress to prevent the group from continuing to receive federal funding for providing women with health care. In an editorial posted Sunday evening, the Washington Post editorial board denounced the ad campaign as “more lies on Planned Parenthood.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, headed up the Trump campaign’s “pro-life coalition” even though she had been a Trump critic early in the primary process. She has been a vocal supporter of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, saying, “In nominating Judge Gorsuch, President Trump has kept his promise to nominate only pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.” Dannenfelser’s ultimate goal is the criminalization of all abortions without exception; she has called an anti-abortion bill’s exception for cases of rape “abominable.”

Her group has also made the defunding of Planned Parenthood a top legislative priority, and the president and congressional Republican leaders have said that they plan to target the health provider.

SBA List Vice President Marilyn Musgrave told Catholic television network EWTN in January that a “Jeff-Sessions-directed Justice …read more

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says the Government’s proposals will make ‘integration less likely’.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and London’s Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement Matthew Ryder QC have criticised the Government’s proposals to increase the extent to which ‘faith’ schools are allowed to religiously discriminate in their admission arrangements. The proposals were described as ‘a threat to the drive to pursue greater integration in our schools’.

In November the London Assembly voted to oppose Government plans to drop the existing requirement that all religious free schools keep at least half of their places open to local children irrespective of religion or belief. In a motion proposed by Tom Copley AM, the Assembly voted to recognise that ‘The Government’s own data show that religious schools which are 100% selective by faith are less diverse in terms of both race and social class than religious schools where the 50% cap is in place.’

Now, in response to the motion, Sadiq Khan has stated that ‘the government should not be bringing forward measures that make integration less likely’, adding that while ‘schools have an important role to play in bringing communities together’, the …read more

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When pastor White, above, senior minister at the First Christian Church in Columbus, Indiana, announced that he had been burgled, kind-hearted people immediately rallied to support him and his family. They showered him with gifts, and two policemen even replaced his stolen TV.

But there was no real burglary.

And last week White was arrested on felony charges of insurance fraud and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He stands accused of arranging with a juvenile to stage the December 18, 2016, burglary at his Skyview Estates home in order to file an insurance claim for the lost items.

White claimed his family was robbed of about $11,000 in cash and valuables while he was preaching at church.

White is accused of arranging the burglary to obtain money from his insurance company to pay off a drug debt. The charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor relates to his obtaining drugs from a juvenile.

Two Columbus police officers, friends of the White family who did not want to be identified, replaced the family’s stolen living room television the same day of the burglary with a new one they purchased as a gift. Among the items White reported stolen were coins in …read more

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