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A Letter from Michael Shermer to KPFA

To: Quincy McCoy, KPFA General Manager, and Laura Prives, KPFA Program Director Dear Quincy and Laura, I am writing to protest the cancellation of the Richard Dawkins event. According to your notification statement “KPFA does not endorse hurtful speech” or “abusive speech” that Dawkins allegedly expressed in his twitter account and other sources. I have known Richard for a […]

By Joe Rao It seems that everyone is eagerly awaiting the shady drama that will be enacted in the skies over North America on Aug. 21. It is a play whose script was written eons ago: On that third Monday in August, the celestial wanderings of the sun, Earth and moon will cause our natural […]

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By Hemant Mehta This is a big deal. And you can read more of the back story here. Quick summary: The Creationists behind Ark Encounter initially said they were building a for-profit attraction in order to get a lot of perks, including a tourism-related tax rebate from the state of Kentucky worth more than $18 million over ten years. But […]

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By Kenneth Chang The equations that describe the universe at the smallest and largest scales — how the tiniest elementary particles dance, how the space-time of the cosmos bends — predicted a slight incongruity, a tiny unbalancing in the numbers of certain particles under certain circumstances. But physicists have yet to observe this phenomenon, with […]

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By Heather L. Weaver In Rowan County, North Carolina, the county board of commissioners was intent on taking government prayer to a whole new level. Every board meeting opened with a prayer. But it wasn’t just government prayer. It was government prayer on steroids. The prayers were delivered by commissioners themselves. No one else was […]

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Letter to KPFA

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Dear KPFA, I used to love your station when I lived in Berkeley for two years, shortly after that beloved place had become the iconic home of free speech. I listened to KPFA almost every day during those years, and I regularly contributed to your fundraising drives, grateful for your objective reporting and humane commentary […]

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POINT OF VIEW: New curriculum-challenge law hides non-science agenda

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By Bertha Vazquez As a science teacher in Miami-Dade, I am disheartened by Florida’s CS/HB 989. This law extends citizens’ right to challenge what’s taught in their local schools. It may sound very democratic, but it is written to disguise a non-scientific agenda. It is a good thing that we are raised in this country […]

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Pakistan’s secret atheists

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By Mobeen Azhar Omar, named after one of Islam’s most revered caliphs, has rejected the faith of his forefathers. He is one of the founding members of an online group – a meeting point for the atheists of Pakistan. But even there he must stay on his guard. Members use fake identities. “You have to […]

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I’m a skeptic, and I love the flat-Earth movement

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By Craig A. Foster The Denver Post recently featured an article about Coloradans who believe that the Earth is flat. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, some members of this community also believe that they are the recipients of flat-Earth prejudice, which I will now term “terrashapism.” I don’t believe the Earth is flat; given my background, […]

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See Juno Probe’s Amazing Up-Close Views of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

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By Mike Wall You can now feast your eyes on the first up-close photos of Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot ever taken. On Monday night (July 10), NASA’s Juno spacecraft zoomed just 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers) above the mammoth storm’s cloud tops — closer than any probe had gotten before. “For generations, people from all over the […]

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