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House panel to challenge climate science

By Timothy Cama Republicans on the House Science Committee are planning a hearing next week to challenge mainstream climate science conclusions. The committee, chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), has dubbed its hearing “Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method.” The hearing comes as the GOP, which controls both chambers of Congress and […]

By Lawrence M. Krauss Scientists throughout the country across a wide spectrum of fields, from biochemists to physicists, are bemoaning the potentially devastating impact on science and technology in the United States of President Trump’s proposed budget request to Congress. As much as the scientific enterprise, and with it the development of new technologies necessary […]

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By Anne McLaughlin, Alicia McGill, and Matt Shipman A recent study by North Carolina State University researchers finds that teaching critical thinking skills in a humanities course significantly reduces student beliefs in “pseudoscience” that is unsupported by facts. “Given the national discussion of ‘fake news,’ it’s clear that critical thinking – and classes that teach critical thinking – […]

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By IFTIKHAR A. KHAN ISLAMABAD: The foreign ministry would circulate a comprehensive strategy paper dealing with legal and technical issues regarding blasphemous content on the social media among ambassadors of Muslim countries, who would share the document with their respective governments so that a plan of action could be evolved for the future, it was decided […]

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‘Fake research’ comes under scrutiny

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By Helen Briggs The scale of “fake research” in the UK appears to have been underestimated, a BBC investigation suggests. Official data points to about 30 allegations of research misconduct between 2012 and 2015. However, figures obtained by the BBC under Freedom of Information rules identified hundreds of allegations over a similar time period at […]

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Opening a Window into the Minds of Language-Impaired Children

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By Larry Greenemeier Imagine if every conversation you had was like speaking with someone in a foreign language that you only partially understood. Your conversations—to the extent they could be called that—would be filled with an exasperating combination of confusion, frustration and even embarrassment at being unable to comprehend many of the words and phrases […]

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Big data renews fight over animal origins

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By Amy Maxmen Evolutionary biologists have battled for years over which animal lineage came first — sponges or comb jellies. The answer could transform how scientists understand the evolution of the human nervous system, digestive system and other complex traits. A study published on 16 March in Current Biology, sides with the sponges, using an unprecedented […]

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Shaking Up the Dinosaur Family Tree

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By Nicholas Wade For more than a century, the placement of dinosaurs on the branches of their family tree has been based on the shape of their hips. This classification has now been radically challenged by proponents of a new tree which, if accepted, swaps large subfamilies around, sheds new light on dinosaurs’ evolution and […]

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Random Chance: A Primary Driver of Cancer Mutations?

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By Carl Engelking Whether we like to or not, we’re all gamblers. Every waking moment, countless stem cells inside our bodies are dividing in order to replace worn out biological machinery. But every time these perfectly healthy cells divide, roughly three mistakes occur in the genetic code—no one’s perfect. These mutations, though unpredictable, are typically […]

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How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth

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By Davide Castelvecchi Here’s how to catch a black hole. First, spend many years enlisting eight of the top radio observatories across four continents to join forces for an unprecedented hunt. Next, coordinate plans so that those observatories will simultaneously turn their attention to the same patches of sky for several days. Then, collect observations at […]

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