New report: Non-religious denied access to hundreds of thousands of school places by targeted discrimination

By Jay Harman

  • Non-religious families are being denied access to hundreds of thousands of state school places by admissions policies that specifically discriminate against them
  • 40% of state secondary faith schools in England don’t just prioritise children who share the religion of the school, they prioritise children from all religious backgrounds over all children from non-religious backgrounds
  • Catholic state schools are by far the worst offenders – 60% discriminate against the non-religious in this way
  • A new report, entitled Non-religious Need Not Apply, details analysis of the admissions policies of every state secondary faith school in England.

Humanists UK, which campaigns against all religious discrimination in state school admissions, as well as against the state-funding of faith schools in general, has called for targeted discrimination against the non-religious to be banned.

In England, state schools with a religious character (faith schools) are able to discriminate against prospective pupils on the grounds of religion or belief, which is generally done to prioritise children from families who share the particular religion of the school. However, some schools additionally use this freedom to prioritise children from any sort of religious family over all children from non-religious families (for example, by first prioritising those of the faith of the …read more

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