Kentucky Board of Education Approves Public School Standards for Bible Literacy Courses

By Don Byrd

Written by Don Byrd

Last week, the Kentucky Education Board unanimously passed new standards to guide school districts in implementing the state’s Bible literacy classes. A state law enacted last year required the Board to create the classes, which were quickly criticized in many school districts around the state for promoting, rather than teaching about, religion.

The ACLU earlier this year issued the results of a statewide survey of the classes which they say often more closely resemble “Sunday School” than a public school curriculum. And while the new standards do not attempt to create a curriculum, they do guide schools and teachers in developing the courses.

Here is the list of standards, as reported by the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Disciplinary Literacy

  • Analyze literary aspects of the Bible.
  • Determine and analyze the themes, concepts, figures, places and events depicted in biblical texts.
  • Recognize and analyze various literary forms and genres found in biblical texts.
  • Identify and analyze figurative language and literary structures in biblical texts.

Historical Thinking