This Dishonest Smear Of Chris Cillizza Proves How Petty Right-Wing Media Have Become

By Jared Holt

Chris Cillizza, arguably one of the most frequently ridiculed CNN pundits on Twitter, posted an animated image yesterday in which a software glitch briefly depicted President Trump in the middle of a set of green crosshairs. Right-wing media used what was an obvious software error to engage in dishonest smears against Cillizza and his employer, further exemplifying the lengths to which even mainstay conservative outlets will go with their efforts to delegitimize mainstream press.

Cillizza, in the since-deleted tweet, included an animated image of President Trump, but due to a software glitch, the crosshairs used to mark an image capture scene in the gif-creation software GifGrabber were included. He quickly issued a clarification:

I’ve deleted a GIF about President Trump. We use @GifGrabber to make our GIFs and it defaults to the image below as a first frame. To clear up any unintended confusion, I’ve removed the tweet.

— Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) May 15, 2018

But it was too late. Reflexively, right-wing media activists and outlets that have been hungry to discredit legitimate press outlets by any means necessary latched on to the glitch to dishonestly smear Cillizza.

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