Humanists UK calls for opt-out organ donation in the Isle of Man

By Rachel Taggart-Ryan

Take Action! Respond to the Organ Donation (Isle of Man) Bill 2018 consultation on introducing an opt-out organ donation system on the island. The deadline for responses is Friday 8 June. Read Humanists UK’s response to help you draft your own. Responses from Isle of Man residents are particularly sought.

Humanists UK in conjunction with Richard Norman, Professor Emeritus of Moral Philosophy at the University of Kent, has responded to a consultation held by the Isle of Man government on introducing an opt-out organ donation system on the island, similar to the system that currently operates in Wales. Humanists UK supports the introduction of this system which will increase the number of organs available for transplant, saving lives.

The consultation will help determine the terms of a private member’s’ bill, which will be introduced to the House of Keys, the island’s legislative body, by MHK Martyn Perkins. Currently only 15% of islanders are registered with the NHS Organ Donor Register. Polling has consistently shown that the majority of people are willing to donate their organs after death but many fail to register this intent.

If this bill finds political support it would mean that all parts of …read more

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