Kansas missionaries’ penalty for vicious abuse: 32 months!

By Barry Duke

Jim and Paige Nachtigal, a pair of missionaries from North Newton in Kansas, tomorrow begin sentences of 32 months each for the extreme cruelty they meted out to three children they adopted from Peru.

According to this report, North Newton Police Chief Randy Jordan removed the three Peruvian orphans from the Christian couple’s home three years ago. On the day he took them away from the Nachtigals, two of the children – a boy and a girl who were both 11– looked so thin he was certain they’d been starved. The third, 15, had managed to escape the brunt of the abuse.

Known in the local religious community for their involvement at church and their missionary work abroad, the couple was convicted of several counts of child abuse last summer.

Prior to his arrest, Jim Nachtigal served as the Chief Executive officer at Kansas Christian Home in Newton for ten years. His wife was a missionary at World Outreach Ministries when the abuse surfaced.

On the day Jordan rescued the children, he noticed he boy had a knot on his elbow. The younger girl was limping because her leg had been broken. Both talked of being beaten with a cane and a …read more

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