Melania Trump’s White House Exorcism And The Far-Right’s Thirst For Trump Fan-Fic

By Miranda Blue

Last Tuesday, we posted what we thought was a funny story from the weird fringes of the far-right media: An Indiana pastor named Paul Begley, appearing on a podcast hosted by bizarre conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinksy, had claimed that First Lady Melania Trump refused to move into the White House until it had been “completely exorcised.”

There was no reason to believe that Begley’s story was true or that he was in any position to know about the first lady’s spiritual housecleaning practices. But then the far-right took the story at face value, and things got really weird.

Begley’s story was picked up by CNS News and quickly made its way to the likes of American Family Radio and Infowars, who took it as yet another reason to celebrate the Trumps. Infowars presenter Owen Shroyer suggested that Begley’s story somehow discredits the “pee tape” rumor and added that the whole thing symbolizes “that Donald Trump and Melania Trump understand that this is more than a political battle, more than an earthly battle, but a spiritual battle.” AFR’s Bryan Fischer declared that the first lady was very right to remove from the White House the “demons” left …read more

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