Indian lawmaker wants ghostly government building exorcised

By Barry Duke

BJP MLA Habibur Rehman, above, told Indian media this week that he has asked to Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje to conduct religious ceremonies to rid the state’s secretariat building of ‘negative energies and evil souls’.

Rehman, according to this report, is one of a number of lawmakers who believe that the building is haunted, and blame ghosts for the recent untimely deaths of two fellow MLAs.

He said the land on which the secretariat stands had once accommodated a burial ground and crematorium, and this explained why “evil souls” are occupying the building.

Kalulal Gurjar, the chief whip confirmed fears among members that the secretariat building is haunted.

Nathdwara MLA Kalyan Singh passed away on Wednesday while Kirti Kumari from Mandalgarh passed away last year after suffering from swine flu.

The secretariat building was constructed in 2001 and accommodates a crematorium in its vicinity.

Gurjar said that he too has requested the Chief Minister to perform “yagya” and a religious ceremony in the building to rid it of “evil spirits”. When the ceremonies will be performed depends on the Chief Minister and the Assembly Speaker.

This report states that a priest was spotted performing rituals near the assembly’s entrance on Thursday and …read more

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