Catholic school feels parents’ wrath for sacking gay teacher

By Barry Duke

Shortly after teacher Jocelyn Morffi married Natasha Hass at the beginning of February, Miami’s Sts Peter and Paul Catholic School sacked her – then, in a letter to parents, asked them to pray for the school.

Instead, according to this report, about a dozen angry parents showed up at the school the next day, demanding an explanation and speaking to gathered news cameras.

Cintia Cini, whose child was in Morffi’s class, said:

We were extremely livid. They treated her like a criminal, they didn’t even let her get her things out of her classroom.

Cini and other parents said they didn’t know or care about Morffi’s sexual orientation.

Our only concern was the way she was with our children, the way she taught our children and this woman by far was one of the best teachers out there.

Parents learned of the firing in a letter from the school’s principal last Thursday. It said only that “a difficult and necessary decision” had been made regarding Morffi, but it didn’t provide details. “She is no longer teaching at our school,” the letter said.

It said students’ education wouldn’t be disrupted and asked parents “for your continued prayers” for the school.

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