Christian teacher suspended after transphobic conduct in the classroom

By Rachel Taggart-Ryan

A Christian maths teacher has been suspended from a state school in Oxford after an investigation found that he had repeatedly contravened the school’s code of conduct by reportedly making insensitive comments towards a transgender student and proselytising during lessons. Humanists UK, which has expressed concern about the continued intolerance being shown to transgender people, argues that it is unacceptable for teachers to use their position to push a religious agenda at school.

The parents of the transgender child lodged a complaint against Joshua Sutcliffe, who is also a pastor at the evangelical Christ Revelation Church in Oxford, after claiming that the teacher repeatedly called the boy a girl and had given him a disproportionate number of detentions for bad behaviour. The school also found that Sutcliffe’s ‘use of religious comments in maths lessons demonstrates a failure to comply with school policies.’

Sutcliffe admitted the behaviour complained about but defended his actions by stating that the notion that gender could be fluid was not compatible with his Christian beliefs. Sutcliffe is being defended by the Christian Legal Centre, a campaigning Christian group, whose Chief Executive stated that this was ‘one of a number of cases’ in ‘the …read more

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