Former Muslims are told to shut up about their apostasy

By Barry Duke

Mohammed Shafiq, above, Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, has described the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain as a ‘rampant Islamophobic organisation’ that has made its mission ‘to demonise Islam and the religious beliefs of Muslims.’

According to this report, in a televised debate on Russia Today, Shafiq commented on the presence CEMB members of at the London Pride rally on July 8 who carried signs bearing slogans like “We’re here. We’re kaffir. Get used to it”, “Celebrating apostasy,” and “Make LGBT rights universal”.

Maryam Namazie, centre, was one of the CEMB contingent that marched at London Pride.

They also displayed a list of Muslim states that punish homosexuality with the death penalty – including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Pakistan.

Shafiq added:

Let’s just say, is there a council of ex-Christians? Is there a Council of ex-Jews? A Council of ex-Hindus? A Council of ex-Sikhs?

As a matter of fact, Mr Shafiq, there are organisations for people other than Muslims who have ditched religion. ExChristian.Net is one. Then there’s Recovering From Religion, and The New Humanist‘s Apostasy Project which features accounts of people of all faiths who now consider themselves non-believers. The Clergy Project has a pretty extensive …read more

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