Fox’s Seth Rich Conspiracy Has Collapsed, But Right-Wing Pundits Keep Pushing It

By Brian Tashman

Earlier this week, a private investigator named Rod Wheeler—whose last big case was promoting a hoax about a national underground network of lesbian gangs—announced that he had evidence that the late Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered last year in Washington, D.C., was in contact with WikiLeaks and transferred them over 40,000 DNC emails. That year WikiLeaks released hacked emails from DNC employees.

Fox’s local Washington, D.C. affiliate ran the story with an interview with Wheeler, despite the fact that Rich’s family had asked him not to speak with the media and rejected his findings as not credible.

Wheeler said that he didn’t actually see any emails or even Rich’s computer, but simply heard about this bombshell evidence from an anonymous federal investigator.

Then Wheeler admitted that he never spoke to the investigator.

“I only got that [information] from the reporter at Fox News,” Wheeler said in an interview with CNN.

The FBI similarly rejected Wheeler’s claims, with one law enforcement official telling NBC News that Rich’s laptop “never contained any emails related to WikiLeaks.”

He eventually “backtracked” in an interview with Fox DC, stating that his previous statements were a “miscommunication.” (Rich’s family has …read more

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