Florida Christian assaulted ‘provocative’ eight-year-old

By Barry Duke

Sydney Allan Markland, above, who has a passion for ‘teaching people the Bible’, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a girl aged 8.

According to this report, Markland, 68 – who allegedly lured the girl into his home in July 2016 – told detectives that the child had been dressed “provocatively”.

After Markland, who goes by the nickname “Dread,” sexually battered his victim, told her not to tell anyone.

Detectives wrote in their arrest report that after the assault:

He kissed her on the cheek and read from the Bible.

The girl told a parent, who called law enforcement. DNA samples were collected from the victim’s and after several months, they proved to be a match with Markland.

Deputies said Markland told them that in his culture his actions were considered acceptable. He also said the child’s clothing and “actions” suggested consent, officials said.

In confessing to the crime, Markland said:

She was wearing provocative clothing. Her actions suggested that she was consenting to sexual contact.

Said neighbor Steve Sarju:

When she started running and crying with her pants down, I knew something was up. I know something was up but I was scared because he always had guns and I didn’t want to go up there.

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