Rick Wiles: Trump Has Been Placed Under ‘House Arrest’ By The ‘Deep State Goon Squad’

By Kyle Mantyla

End Times radio broadcaster Rick Wiles warned on his “Trunews” radio program yesterday that the “deep state” has taken out Bill O’Reilly, is trying to discredit Alex Jones, and has placed President Trump under “house arrest.”

Wiles said that O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News over numerous sexual harassment allegations and Jones’ custody battle are the work of the deep state, which he claimed is out to silence influential voices on the Right. Trump, according to Wiles, has also been muzzled by this “shadow government.”

“I’m not sure he’s sending out the tweets,” Wiles said. “I think, more than his Twitter privilege—hey, I’m going to go ahead and say it, this is what I think—I think Donald Trump is under house arrest by the deep state. I think they’ve put him under house arrest. He’s changed. He doesn’t even act the same anymore. He doesn’t behave the same. He’s not the man we elected. Something’s happened to him.”

“I think the shadow government said to him, ‘You were not supposed to win, but you did it, but we’re going to allow you to stay in the White House under our terms,” he continued. “I honestly believe the man is under house …read more

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