Evidence linking Catholics to slavery surfaces in Ireland

By Barry Duke

Tom Wall, above, who suffered horrific abuse at the hands of Christian Brothers at a notorious industrial school in Limerick in Ireland, claims the Catholic order tried to destroy documents that showed that boys at the school were being sold into slavery.

According to this Sunday Independent report, in 1973, with the Glin Industrial School about to close, he was told by a brother to take record books and ledgers from a pile of documents and place them in the boot of a car. The rest were to be destroyed.

Some were burned but Wall held on to many of the documents as he wanted to see if they contained information about his past and his mother.

In a statement to RTÉ News the Christian Brothers refer to this as an “allegation”, adding that such a direction:

Would run entirely contrary to congregation policy.

Wall was placed in the school at the age of three because he was born out of wedlock. Christians Brothers lied to him about his mother, saying she was dead when she was in fact alive.

By the time I found her she only had about six weeks to live. She was dying of cancer. I just made it but …read more

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