A diabetic boy in Australia died after a controversial ‘self-healing’ course. Now his parents are charged with manslaughter.

By Samantha Schmidt

In April 2015, the 6-year-old diabetic boy’s mother took him to an $1,800 week-long Chinese therapy class meant to “heal” him.

At the “self-healing” workshop in Sydney, a man named Hongchi Xiao instructed participants to follow “paida lajin” techniques, which involve slapping, stretching and fasting for days on end. By slapping parts of the body until bruising appears, long-held toxins and “poisoned blood” are released, according to the practice. These methods, Xiao claims, are capable of “curing” a number of diseases — including diabetes.

But in the days after he attended the workshop, the 6-year-old, Aidan Fenton, collapsed in the family’s hotel room. His parents’ screams prompted the staff to call police, who said the boy died on the scene.

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